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  • Commercial – Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial – Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial – Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial – Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial – Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial – Landscape Lighting

Highlight your commercial property with landscape lighting!

A quality design and installation low voltage landscape lighting system will dramatically improve your commercial property’s appearance at night while improving safety and security. SiteScapes will install high-quality low voltage landscape lighting systems from manufacturers Vista Lighting, Kichler, FX Luminaire, and Cast Lighting. Our low voltage landscape lighting system can be set up with timers and photocells, zones that can be dimmed to set the mood, or even with led lighting that you can control the color of right from your smartphone. With low voltage landscape lighting, you can create that wow factor with a minimal monthly utility cost.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Do you have a pre-existing landscape lighting system that isn’t functioning properly? We can take care of refurbishing and troubleshooting your already installed landscape lighting system. Sometimes bulbs need replacing or wire connections get cut or disconnected. A maintenance visit from our landscape lighting professionals can get your system back up and running like the day it was installed.

Low Voltage Lighting Options:

  • Path Lighting: light paths and walkways while also illuminating low-lying shrubs and plants along the way.
  • Spread Lighting: used to light a wide area of low-lying shrubs and plants
  • Spot Lighting: used to accent a specimen or shade tree or a statue/ focal point in the yard.
  • Up-Lighting: used to light home facades or large trees from the base of the tree or house.
  • Down Lighting: used to illuminate stairs, walls, columns, and outdoor kitchens. Lights are typically installed under the wall cap or stair tread and light is projected downwards.
  • Shadow Lighting: Light is projected onto plants in front of a wall and the shadows from the plants are cast onto the wall. Shadow lighting can also be done from up in trees and the branch/leaf pattern can be cast to the ground.
  • Other lighting options include column lights, architectural accent lights, led rope lights, and security lights
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