Sitescapes Inc

With the help of Sitescapes, Rhode Island, you can keep your residential lawn beautiful. Installed with exceptional work and made with the most advanced designs locally, we offer quality irrigation and sprinkler systems for your home. The systems are affordable and designed within your budget.

Sitescapes Inc. can help you maintain an irrigation system in working order will provide years of trouble-free service and save you money in the long run. Homeowners tend to overlook the smaller issues, such as clogged nozzles, improperly adjusted sprinklers, and incorrect run-times, which end up costing thousands of dollars each year.

Lawn Sprinkler System Installation Services in Johnston, RI

  • Lawn Irrigation Systems Installations
  • Drip Irrigation Systems Installations
  • Sprinkler Systems Installations
  • Low-Flow & EZflow Sprinkler Systems Installations
  • Pop-Up Emitters Systems Installations
  • Water-Saving Upgrades Installations
  • Commercial Irrigation Systems Installations in RI

Top-of-the-line technology upgrades are available with our wifi-based premium sprinkler systems. You can now control your lawn with a touch of your finger and fit your budget! As part of our service contracts, we can provide irrigation system maintenance and repairs as necessary and make sure your system is running smoothly. Through our wifi-based Rachio controllers and water conversion programs, we can save you thousands annually and keep your lawn looking beautiful. Additionally, we can expand and add to an existing irrigation system and provide certain equipment to increase efficiency. Scheduling varies from 2-3 weeks from appointment and can usually be installed within a day.

Our typical sprinkler residential system (up to six zones) ranges from $3600-$4200 depending on the scope of the project. Additionally, we use only licensed plumbers to install backflow systems, ensuring that they pass the state’s mandatory codes. Once the installation is complete, we inform the homeowners about how to operate their new system and answer any questions they have. We know that new programs are difficult to understand, so we’re here to help!

Our service areas include Warwick RI, Coventry RI, Cranston RI, East Greenwich RI, North Kingstown RI, Barrington RI, Tiverton RI, Aquidneck Island RI, Newport RI, Middletown RI, South Kingstown RI. We offer a one year warranty on our sprinkler systems to give homeowners the peace of mind after installation.

  • Wifi based premium sprinkler system installation
  • Service contracts – repairs & maintenance
  • Expansions to current irrigations system
  • Upgrading a conventional controller to a wifi-based one
  • Efficient water conservation programs
  • The average cost of a residential system (up to six zones) is $3600-$4200
  • Appointments are scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance
  • Projects are usually completed in one day
  • All back flow prevention systems are installed by licensed plumbers
  • Sprinkler systems come with a one-year warranty
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