Mulching can contribute to the beauty and continued preservation of your landscape in a host of ways. Mulches conserve soil moisture, inhibit weed growth, and reduce soil erosion.

It also serves as a natural insulator, keeping soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Applying mulch simplifies lawn mowing around trees and shrubs, and minimizes the need for “string” trimming. Mulching also protects trees and surface roots from damage caused by mowing and clipping.

Sitescapes offers three premium blends of mulch:

*Sitescapes Premium Blend: Pine, Spruce and Fir Medium Brown in Color *100% Natural Deluxe Hemlock:  Hemlock and Spruce – Enhanced Maroon

*Dark Premium Blend:  Soft Wood Blend – Aged to a Deep Dark Brown

Sitescapes has two state-of-the-art Finn bark blowers, which can be used to apply mulch, light compost, or even playground chips.

*Contractors: Contact Sitescapes to find out how you can partner with us in delivering the benefits of blown mulch to your clients.


For Home Owners:
  • Smooth Even Distribution
  • Fast Installation
  • No Messy Piles of Mulch
  • No backbreaking labor (No need for a wheelbarrow)
  • Protects plants from extreme low temperatures
  • Frees Up Your Weekend
  • For Contractors:
  • Frees up time to concentrate on other projects during the busy season
  • Increases the profitability of mulch sales.
  • You can install it when your clients need it not just when you have time.
  • The convenience for the customer leads to additional sales.
  • It allows you to increase your installation and maintenance contracts without increasing your labor force.
  • It’s efficient, allowing you to do more work of higher quality in less time, at a lower cost.