Hydroseeding is the quickest and most dependable way of planting and growing a lush, green lawn.  Assuming normal weather conditions, a hydroseeded lawn will typically establish itself in just three weeks, and at a price comparable to that of a traditional dry seed planting.

Hydroseeding is also a useful method for planting in hard to reach and difficult to maintain areas. It is a very effective method of controlling soil erosion, and stabilizing sloped areas affected by water and wind.

Sitescapes uses no-weed seed grass mixes and the highest grade of mulch for maximum germination. As with any other lawn, Hydroseeding does require a small amount of special follow up care in the weeks following the hydroseeding process, such as watering. All Sitescapes hydroseeding technicians are fully trained and experienced at every step in the hydropseeding and aftercare process.


* Fast Results: A hydroseeded lawn starts to grow in 7 days and should be established in under a month.

* Cost: You can hydroseed a lawn for about 25% of the cost of sodding it.

* Weed Resistant: Hydroseeded grass does not suffer from transplant shock. It’s weed resistant and strong enough to resist encroachment by weeds.

* Coverage: No seams, no brown patches just a full lush lawn in even hard to reach areas where sod just isn’t practical.