Who will be working on my property?

We at SiteScapes have put a lot of time, thought and effort into building a team that can successfully complete your project. All SiteScapes employees are fully licensed, certified, insured and trained for the services they provide at every project on every site.

SiteScapes is fully committed to worker and project safety and actively participates in an OSHA recognized safety program with weekly meetings. We carefully document all potential safety issues and review a long checklist of proactive safety measures.

SiteScapes Construction foremen are all OSHA trained and certified in job site safety assurance. All SiteScapes drivers have health cards certifying their fitness to operate trucks and heavy equipment. Our heavy truck drivers have their commercial driving licenses to operate large trucks and move heavy equipment. SiteScapes employees operating equipment such as bobcats, backhoes, excavators and front end loaders all have their hoisting license. And all of our mechanical equipment is maintained by our own professionally trained and certified mechanic.

We provide all of our employees with workers compensation insurance along with personal liability insurance. In short we have taken every possible measure to ensure safety and peace of mind for you, your property, family, colleagues and co-workers during any project.

Will the Job Be Done Right?

SiteScapes not only relies on the best equipment and most highly trained personnel, but also uses the finest quality materials. Our hydroseed mix contains additional weed and erosion preventers. It costs a bit more so few landscapers use it, but the long term results and convenience for our customers is dramatic.

Our masonry crews are all Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) certified www.ICPI.org. We have so much confidence in their proficiency in installing pavers that we guarantee recommended brands of pavers for life and guarantee our own work for three years.

Pesticides are nothing to be casual about and SiteScapes judiciously uses pesticides with the utmost care. Our lawn and shrub maintenance crews are trusted members of the SiteScapes team with appropriate pesticide licenses and training. We own, operate and maintain all of the necessary equipment to work with these chemicals properly, safely and efficiently.

Our large and highly skilled workforce encompasses decades of experiences in a wide variety of project related specialties from masonry, to irrigation, to planting, pruning, maintenance and repair. Our dedicated crews are divided up into mission oriented teams so whether it is irrigation, pavers, stonework, mulching, or hydroseeding the crew on your project will have the skills and capabilities to work with our design or with your requests to get the job done properly.
In addition to our onsite foreman, SiteScapes has a landscape designer with years of experience and a degree in landscape architecture from the University of Rhode Island. Jesse is always available to help troubleshoot, problem solve or work out special details with a client if the need arises. Each job also has a project manager assigned to it, who will cost your project on a daily basis in order to assure your project stays on budget and to provide expertise, guidance and advice to clients as well as members of our staff.

What will be the Real cost of my job?

SiteScapes has always believed in upfront pricing. Before your project starts we will provide a construction proposal stating the estimated start date, cost, scale drawings, and if applicable material amounts, styles, colors, patterns and sizes. The written proposal allows you to know exactly what you are getting and how much it will cost. We only apply additional charges if you request work that goes beyond the scope of the original proposal. Upon completion of your project, SiteScapes will invoice you for the previously agreed upon amount. We also provide written care instructions for new installations such as plantings and lawns and review all warranties and guarantees with respect to our work and the materials we used.

What will be the long term costs of my project?

A well planned and executed project will save money in the long run. For example, when installing a lawn we ensure adequate amounts of quality screened loam, use proper installation techniques as well as the highest quality hydroseeding materials. This initial effort translates into the need for less watering and re-seeding resulting in a significant time and cost savings.

When planting, our landscape designers carefully consider the space limitations and microclimate to help the plant thrive with minimal watering and pruning.

On paver installations, for example, we take great care with steps and details that will never be seen or noticed but will prevent and minimize buckles, cracks and depressions as your paved area passes through various stages of the freeze and thaw cycle of winter and spring.

If your project entails hardscapes, our extended warranty and material warranties will ensure worry free use and enjoyment of our workmanship for many years. We use all of the appropriate materials and best practices to ensure your project provides you with lasting satisfaction with our efforts.

We are confident that you will enjoy the added benefit and long term value of the professionalism offered by SiteScapes and its employees. We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to call with any questions.


  • Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Better Business Bureau of Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island Nursery & Landscape Association (RINLA)
  • Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA)
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicators
  • Licensed Hydraulic Equipment Operators
  • Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce